Visit Tsukimagaoka Seaside Park & get everything you need for a perfect Barbecue!

  • 14 ตุลาคม 2015
  • 23 พฤษภาคม 2024
  • FUN! JAPAN Team

No season is complete without a BARBEQUE! Whether it’s during the Sakura viewing season of Spring, or after a swim in the hot Summer, maybe under the orange Autumn Momiji leaves? Even in the cold Winter to warm you up, a barbeque (BBQ) is always a great way to spend time with family and friends. Today we’ll be taking a look at Tokushima prefecture’s Tsukimigaoka Seaside Park.

Located just next to Tokushima Airport, Tsukimagaoka Seaside Park is a lovely multipurpose park for families and friends, a suitable weekend getaway or even overnight stay! Equipped with cottages for visitors planning to stay over the night, this vast park by the sea is sure to calm you down from all your worries. What makes this park different from most Japanese parks is that it is open from 8.30 until 22.00 hours. Parks in Japan usually close as early as 18.00 hours, so this place is convenient for planning Barbeque Night!


Preparing for it can be quite expensive sometimes, especially if you don’t have all the equipments. That’s why having a BBQ at Tsukimigaoka comes in handy! This park provides up to 17 BBQ sets for visitors, all free of charge. There are two types of BBQ sets. A small table type, for two or three people, and a larger type that comes with a roof for bigger parties.  If you did bring your own BBQ set, that’s perfectly all right too! Visitors are free to set up their own BBQ around the park (as long as they don’t put it on any of the tables).


Before using the BBQ equipment, we were required to go to the visitor center to fill in a short form. After filling up the form, the person in charge gave us brooms, dustpans, tongs, also sponges and some detergent. These were used for cleaning up, later. The BBQ equipments at the park cannot be pre-booked and is strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. Visitors can only book the BBQ equipment until 18.00 hours. Any application after that time will not be accepted, so be sure to come early. 


Since the park has a vast expanse, visitors with children can let them run freely around. A children’s playground is also available to kill some time while waiting for the delicious food to be cooked! 


By the time all the chicken was cooked, we managed to see the beautiful sunset over the sea and enjoy our meal. The cool sea breeze also made this park a very relaxing site to release stress and spend time with friends. I really enjoyed this simple park by the sea. Since the park is open until 22:00 hours, it is a perfect place to spend time for people who are usually busy during the day. The equipment provided also makes the entire experience of BBQ very simple and hassle free. I would love to come back and organize another BBQ here again in any season! 


Tsukimigaoka Seaside Park

Address: 42 Toyooka Azayamanote, Itano-gun, Matsushige-cho Tokushima Prefecture 771-0215 

Website (Japanese Only):


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