Kintai Bridge and 100 Flavors of Ice Cream

  • 15 กรกฎาคม 2016
  • FUN! JAPAN Team

※This article was published at September 2015.※

The Kintai Bridge of Iwakuni, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a stunning wooden arch bridge, which was built in 1673. I am not sure if it has gone through any major restorations in the meantime, but judging by the sound that the wood makes while you are crossing it, it feels as if it carries the feet of passers by with the same strength that it did then. 

The five arches cross the Nishiki River below in a series of intercepting steps and smooth passages. I can’t imagine that high heels would at all be a good idea in this situation, but in any choice of shoes, a slow walk is the best way to enjoy both the bridge and the stunning scenery around it. 


There is plenty of free parking space on the shore of the river, but more importantly, the riverside is a wonderful place for a picnic and a refreshing day by the water. Mind you, the river is certainly not meant for swimming, but I have seen plenty of people walking in it, fishing, and even crossing it from one side to the other. A very strange decision to make considering that the bottom of the river is covered with very slippery rocks, but none the less a place of adventure. By far the best time of the year to visit the bridge is during the cherry blossom season, as there are so many cherries in the area, but it is still wonderful all year round.


Apart from its beauty, what the Kintai bridge is perhaps best known for are the many ice cream shops in the area, with more than 100 flavors! The most delicious shops are on the opposite side of the river from where the big parking area is. 


As soon as you cross the bridge to the other side, you will instantly see the shops and the many ice cream flavors that are available. And while some of those flavors are probably well known to you already, like chocolate, matcha, caramel and the like, others are not so common in other places... Ever thought about wasabi ice cream? Curry? Ramen? Cheeeeeese? These are just a few of the many wacky flavors that are available, and well, why not give them a try! Personally, the wasabi one is quite refreshing, but I wasn’t brave enough to try the others. 



Kintai Bridge
Address: 1-14-51 Imazumachi 
Iwakuni city Yamaguchi, Japan 740-8585 Price: About 300 yen to cross the bridge and come back.
Parking: FREE and plenty of space for a few hundred cars. 

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