Classic sanuki udon featuring firm udon noodles and a light broth

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※This article was published at November 2014.※

A local newspaper reporter took me to Ueharaya Honten in central Takamatsu City. 

While the store looks almost brand new because it recently relocated, it is a long-established shop with a history of a nearly 40 years. 

I had the kake udon, a simple type of udon soup. 

It tasted like the classic type of sanuki udon with its firm noodles and light broth made from dried sardines. 

Many udon shops in Kagawa Prefecture are self-service, and the same applies for this shop as well. 

You are given a bowl with noodles in it at the counter, and you then pour in the broth yourself. 


You then add toppings such as tenkasu (deep-fried bits of tempura batter) and green onion according to your own preferences. 

Green onions are an essential ingredient for sanuki udon. Furthermore, because the broth is light, it makes for a satisfying meal when you add tenkasu to the soup, and because the toppings are free it is an economical meal.


My favorite thing about this shop is the types of tempura available on the side menu. 

While most shops usually have various types of tempura available, this was the first time that I ever saw cutlass fish tempura at an udon shop. 

Of course, I wanted to try it. The coating had a very crispy texture. 

However, the fish inside was large, which emphasized the unique texture of white fish. 

I felt lucky to be able to enjoy cutlass fish, as it is in season during that time.

After I finished a very satisfactory meal and was about to leave, the reporter that took me there said: 

“You had the kake udon? You should have had the cold udon, this shop is really famous for it...” 

I thought he should have said so first, but I guess now I have something to look forward to the next time I visit!


Ueharaya Honten, 1-18-8 Ritsurincho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

Telephone number: 087-831-6779


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