Japan’s largest limestone cave, Akiyoshido Cave

  • 11 มกราคม 2015
  • FUN! JAPAN Team

This article introduces the Akiyoshido Cave in Mine City that is located nearly in the center of Yamaguchi Prefecture. 
This cave has a total length of 8,850 meters, making it Japan’s largest limestone cave and third-largest cave, and its interior features an extremely unique and mysterious landscape.




On the sightseeing course in the cave that extends for approximately 1 km, the temperature is at a constant 17 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Although the course should take approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour according to the official website, you could spend quite a bit longer if you start taking pictures! Make sure to see the Koganebashira (Golden Pillar) and Hyakumaizara (Hundred Saucers), which are two of the most popular sights.




I took the route from the Akiyoshido Visitor Center (Akiyoshido front entrance) to the Akiyoshidai Visitor Center (elevator). 
Because there is also another entrance called the Kurotani entrance, it is important to be sure to confirm the route for the limestone cave formation that you want to see in advance.
Although this option was not available a few years ago when I visited the cave, there are now options that let you enjoy different routes from the standard one with the payment of an additional fee. 

For example, there is the Darkness Explorer Adventure that is possible with groups of 20 or more people. 

By paying an additional 100 yen per person (50 yen for groups), you can enjoy walking with a flashlight through the cave after it has become dark starting from 19:00 following the general admission time (required time: approximately one hour).
Another option is the Adventure Course that allows participants to climb a rock surface near the front entrance. 
For this course, you borrow a flashlight, put the money in the fare box (an extra 300 yen), climb up a ladder, and proceed forward while finding your way through narrow limestone passage ways. 
Although it only takes about ten or fifteen minutes, it really feels like quite an adventure.

There are also other caves near the Akiyoshido Cave called the Kagekiyodo Cave and Taishodo Cave that are open to the general public. 
As each cave offers unique courses and scenery, they are highly recommended for people that have the time.





Official site

Opening hours of Akiyoshido: 8:30~16:30 
(Extra hours: individuals enter from Akiyoshido front entrance from 16:30~17:30, extra 100 yen per person) 
Open from March 1 to November 30.

Access: bus from Iwakuni Station

Cave admission: Individuals (adults) 1,200 yen, high school students 1,200 yen, middle school students 950 yen, elementary school students 600 yen

Entrance fee: One-day pass for adults (middle school students or above) 310 yen, children (elementary school students) 100 yen 


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