Fukuroda Falls, one of Japan’s top three waterfalls, was amazing!

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※This article was published at November 2014.※

I went to Fukuroda Falls in Ibaraki Prefecture, which is one of Japan’s top three waterfalls along with Kegon Falls in Nikko and Nachi Falls in Wakayama Prefecture. 
While you can see part of the falls as soon as you get out of the car at the parking lot, if you want to see them from the front you have to pay to use the Fukuroda Falls tunnel and access the viewpoint.
It costs 300 yen per adult to access the tunnel. 
The beautiful scenery definitely makes it worth it.

The Fukuroda Falls are also called the Four-Section Falls. 
While the falls are said to drop 120m, they do not make this drop all at once, but rather in four sections. 
This means that you can see four falls at once when looking from the front, and it is really worth seeing this dynamic flow.



There is one more reason why the Fukuroda Falls are called the Four-Section Falls. 
When a Buddhist monk named Saigyo visited the falls long ago, he praised their beauty by saying that you couldn’t understand the true beauty of the falls without visiting them at least once for each of the four seasons, meaning that you have to visit the fall four times. 
Of course it would be ideal to visit four times to enjoy the beautiful changes in the scenery as the seasons change.
I first visited in summer, and at that time I was overwhelmed by the large volume of water going over the falls. 
Apparently the falls freeze over in the winter and you can witness the beauty of a frozen waterfall. 
I would love to see this scenery that I have never seen before! 
It’s also fun wondering about what type of scenery you can see in the spring or fall.


The area around Fukuroda Falls is full of walking trails perfect for hiking. 
The most impressive walking trail featured a suspension bridge over the river. 
It was really fun walking over this bridge that gently swayed as I crossed, filling me with excitement like a child. It felt very refreshing to walk among nature. 
If you ever visit Fukuroda Falls, you should definitely enjoy the nature walks nearby.

Fukuroda, Daigo-machi, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture 319-3523
Telephone number: 0295‐72‐0285

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