The recommended dishes at famous Udon restaurants in Kagawa

If you visit Kagawa, you must go to a restaurant and try the famous Sanuki Udon. Kagawa is so famous for its Udon that it is known as the “Udon prefecture”. This time we will introduce restaurants where Sanuki Udon can be eaten and Sanuki Udon dishes. 

What is Sanuki Udon?

Sanuki Udon is the special local dish of Kagawa. The largest characteristic of this Udon is its body and soft texture. There are various ways to enjoy this Udon, such as Kake Udon with its powerful seasoning, and Zaru Udon with its simple Udon flavour. The cost of these dishes are around 500 yen in most restaurants, so it is the most reasonable. 

Also, there are various theories relating to the birth of Sanuki Udon that says that there is little rainfall in the Sanuki area, so rice is difficult to produce, therefore it created the opportunity to make Udon with barley.

Places to Eat Sanuki Udon

Sanuki Udon can be eaten in most restaurants in the Kagawa prefecture. Most of these restaurants are assembled in the central region of the Kagawa prefecture and Takamatsu city. Firstly, in the central area of the Kagawa prefecture, such famous restaurants like Yamagoe Udon the most famous noodle maker, and Ogataya the first restaurant to start selling Soy Sauce Udon. Also, in Takamatsu city, there are a lot of self-service Udon restaurants such as “Nakanishi Udon” and “Chikusei”. In these restaurants after ordering the noodle amount you warm the noodles yourself, put condiments on top, sprinkle on the Dashi soup stock and choose the eating style. It seems like a lot of effort, but the fact that you can adjust the texture of the noodles to your taste is appealing.

Unusual Sanuki Udon dishes

Actually, there are other more unusual Sanuki Udon dishes that are not just Udon. Here we will introduce some variations we would really like you to try. 

Sanuki Udon Ice Cream

Sanuki Udon ice cream sold at a store called Michi no Eki Takinomiya. It is milk flavoured ice cream with Udon Dashi soup stock blended in. The flavour comes in 3 types - refreshing, lightly rich, super-rich. The characteristic of this is that richer the choice is the more the Udon flavour comes through. It is said that in general the refreshing flavour is most recommended. However, since you’ve come all this way why not challenge the super-rich flavour and experience the full Kagawa famous Sanuki Udon flavour. Moreover, the price is around 200 yen. (Accurate as of July 2019).

Sanuki Udon Burger

Sanuki Udon Burger is a dish that can be eaten in the Tsuda no Matsubara service area. It is a chicken burger patty with spring onion, bonito, fried egg and Udon fried in ginger flavoured soy sauce sandwiched in a burger bun. While it is a burger, the flavour of Udon can also be enjoyed so it has an excellent reputation. The price is 450 yen (Accurate as of July 2019). 

Also, Sanuki Udon Burger is only available in limited quantities and is only sold on weekends and holidays, so it is best to get there early