Megijima Island, also known as Onigashima, an island that belongs to Takamatsu City

Megijima Island is an island about 4km from the coast of Takamatsu port. It is said that a demon has lived in a cave on the island since ancient times, so the island has been called by its alternative name Onigashima. There are many attractions such as natural scenery, artwork, and village scenery, there are even sightseeing spots that are entwined with the legend of the demon. 

About Megijima Island

Megijima Island is a Long Island about 9km circumference North to South that belongs to Takamatsu City in the Kagawa prefecture. The village was built around the coastal area with the port as the focal point, and a high stone wall called Ōte built around it. Ōte was built to protect the house from the strong winter winds and has become a part of Megijima Island’s unique scenery.

Furthermore, Megijima Island is one of the venues where the Setouchi Triennale is held once every 3 years for the Seto Inland Sea islands. Due to this. You can appreciate the various pieces of art that are permanently displayed around the island

Things to See & Do on Megijima Island 

There are a variety of sightseeing spots on the island, but all of them are located in one area. Here we will introduce the specially recommended spots. 

Onigashima Cave & Other Famous Places related to The Legend of the Demon

There are many unique sightseeing spots that are related to the demon legend, so we would like you to visit them. For example, in Washigamine there is a cave where it is said that demons used to live called Onigashima Cave. The cave is large at 4000㎡ in width and 400m depth, and in various areas of the cave such as the entrance, there are many demon figures. Even further into the cave, there is the demon’s large room and the guard’s room that has been recreated, so you can take a good look around.

In addition, by the port there is the “Oni no Yakata” (Demon Museum) which has demon masks, resources from demon legends from famous places around Japan displayed, and the 2 metre “Oni no Kanabo” (Demon’s Club) shaped lighthouse, the “Oni no Todai” (Demon Lighthouse). 

Washigamine Observation Deck and other spots where you can see beautiful natural scenery

There are many spots where you can beautiful nature from the mountains and coast. Out of all of these spots, the Washigamine observation deck has the most beautiful view on the island. You can see a magnificent 360 ° view of the Seto Inland Sea and the boats sailing up and down it from the observatory at the top of the 188m mountain. Furthermore, it is also famous for its cherry blossoms, and they bloom all around the area in spring. The scenery of the pink cherry blossoms knitted with the blue of the sky and the ocean can only be enjoyed in the spring season

Unique arts can be found on the island

On Megijima Island you can see various permanently displayed pieces of artwork in places such as around the port and Onigashima Cave. For instance, along the sea wall, there are around 300 pieces of seagull art lined up in an area called “Seagull Carpark”. The best part is when the wind hits the seagulls and they spin. There are many unique pieces such as the “20th Century Recall” a sound installation using a bronze grand piano, and trick art using mirrors inside a Japanese style room called “Presence of Absence”. 

Furthermore, at Onigashima Cave tiles that are formed in the shape of a demon are displayed, making for an impressive view. Each demon tile is made by junior high school students from the Kagawa area, so each of them has a different expression

Access to Megijima Island

If you are going to travel to Megijima, take the ferry from Takamatsu port and it will arrive at Megijima port in about 20 minutes. 

In general, when you travel around the island you do it on foot, but it is best to use the shuttle bus to Onigashima Cave from “Oni no Yakata”. However, it only runs at the weekend in winter and may run irregularly on other days, so please be aware. (Information updated July 2019) 

Spot information

  • Spot name: Megijima (Oni no Yakata - Demon Museum) 
  • Street address: 15-22 Megijimacho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, 760-0092
  • Access: Take the ferry from Takamatsu port for about 20 minutes and it is right by Megijima port
  • Wi-Fi: Available (KAGAWA Wi-Fi) (Can only be used in Oni no Yakata) 
  • Language:English
  • Credit cards:No credit cards accepted