What is the charm of World Heritage Site "Shirakawa-go" in Gifu, Japan?

Shirakawa-go, a famous tourist destination in Japan is registered as a World Heritage Site. What does Shirakawa-go, which has become a hot spot in Japan, have to offer? Let's check out Shirakawa-go’s highlights and gourmet, as well as accessibility from Tokyo. 

What Kind of Place is Shirakawa-go? 

Firstly, we will explain what kind of place Shirakawa-go is, as well as some highlights. 

"Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama", registered as a World Heritage Site 

The best spot of Shirakawa-go is the "Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama", which is registered as a World Heritage Site. Gassho Zukuri is one of Japan's residential architecture styles. A characteristic being a steep roof of 45 to 60 degrees. Shirakawa-go is an important village with houses still remaining as this architectural style. When it comes to the old Japan landscape, it is very a popular place. 

The Hot Springs: Something you Can't Miss when Traveling Japan 

Shirakawa-go also has Japan’s famous “onsen”. It is also popular for its natural hot springs. 

Hotels are also Available, Making Overnight Stays Possible 

Shirakawa-go is a little far from the city, but it has a hotel so staying overnight is possible. Staying at Gassho-style building is also good. 

Gourmet of Shirakawa-go 

Shirakawa-go is also known for being a gourmet spot. This will introduce what kinds of dishes are famous. 

Japanese Beef “Hida Gyu” 

First is Japanese Wagyu beef: “Hida Beef”; a must-eat at Shirakawa-go. A lot of restaurants make dishes based on Hida Beef. 

Local Gourmet of Shirakawa-go “Gohei-mochi” 

The local cuisine being eaten in the Shirakawa-go region is called "Gohei-mochi." Gohei-mochi is smashed rice that is skewered and served with sweet and salty sauce. It has a mochi-like texture and with sauce mixed in, it has a taste that gets you hooked. 

Famous Sake of Shirakawa-go: “Sasanigori” 

Famous sake of Shirakawa-go: “Sasanigori”. The lightly mashed sake has a fragrance and a mellow taste. There are several other sake kinds such as Junmai and Carbonated Junmai, so try them out. 

Accessibility to Shirakawa-go 

How do you get to Shirakawa-go? Lastly, this will introduce accessibility methods. 

How to get from Tokyo to Shirakawa-go 

The most cost-effective way to get from Tokyo to Shirakawa-go is by bus. From Tokyo station to Toyamastation, and then from Toyama station to Shirakawa-go station is 8 hours by bus. It costs around 4,200 yen.

If you want to go without fuss, Shinkansen is recommended. Travelling from Tokyo station to Toyama station by Shinkansen, and from Toyama station to Shirakawa-go by bus. It costs around 15,000 yen, but you can arrive in about 3 hours.