Ski Down the Powdery Slopes of Niseko in Hokkaido

Voted as the second-best ski resort in the world, Niseko is the number one place in Japan to play in the powder. With many mountains surrounding the resorts, and it’s high snow depth, Niseko is high on the list for many foreign thrill seekers who want to have the perfect winter experience. In this article we’ll look at the area, as well as the perfect place to find powder.

What Makes Niseko Japan So Great?

Niseko Japan has one of the best backdrops in the whole country. All the ski resorts are on Mount Niseko-Annupuri giving you the perfect view, while skiing, to see Mount Yotei, nicknamed the "Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido”. Skiing down these slopes while looking upon Mount Yotei is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll have in Hokkaido.

An Overview of Niseko

To overview Niseko Japan, the town’s industry is mainly agriculture and tourism. The town only has a population of around 5,000 people, but in the winter, visitors to the resorts can swell up to about 800,000. Considering this spike is relatively recent, due to the promotion the town has received, services found here aren’t as developed as other major cities in Japan, but you should have no issues if you stick inside the resorts.

Tourist Attractions at Niseko

Most of the tourist attractions in Niseko Japan are wintery based. With a majority of people coming to play in the snow. The winter season is one of the longest in Japan, lasting from November to May, with some of the lightest and fluffiest snow donning the landscape. In summer though, the mountains light up with blooming flowers, and nature-themed activities, like rafting, are available to experience.

Enjoying the Niseko Ski Culture!

While Niseko ski culture is still growing as more and more people take notice of the area, the slopes are there for the taking. Though before you go out on the slopes, make sure you research where you are going in the morning to know how safe it’ll be.

About the Niseko Snow Report

As a part of your morning ritual, checking the Niseko snow report to see how much powder is covering the slopes is one of the best things to do. The 2017-2018 season saw some of the highest snowfalls in the area in 4 years, with 255 cm of snow still on some of the highest slopes at the end of the season in May. If trends continue this way, the 2018-2019 snow season in Niseko is going to be one of the best ever for the resort town.

Plenty of Niseko Ski Resorts to Choose From!

Finding the right Niseko ski resort to go down can be tricky, but we’ll overview some to help you decide where to go. There are 4 main resorts, all based on Mount Niseko-Annupuri, to explore. These are, the Hanazono Ski Resort, located on the eastern part of the mountain, the Grand Hirafu Ski Resort, which has the most skiing space, the Annupuri Ski Resort, on the western side of the mountain, and Niseko Village.

Visiting Niseko Village

Niseko Village is located in the center of Mount Niseko-Annupuri and features 8.8 square kilometers of ski-able terrain. Within the resort complex, there’s three world-class hotels to choose from, all with their own facilities, like on-site onsen, restaurants, and more. Of the ski-able terrain, there are 27 courses, with 36% of those courses being for beginners, 32% for seasoned skiers and 32% for professional level powder slayers.

Chill Out at Niseko Hotels

Staying in one of the Niseko Hotels is a must for those hitting the slopes. There’s nothing worse than traveling to a place, doing physical activities then having to travel back. On top of that, you also get to enjoy the morning powder, said to be better than the settled afternoon snow.

For those looking to say on a budget, Niseko Guesthouse Nalu is a quaint place to stay. You’ll be able to ski in and out from the guesthouse and enjoy it’s lovely living area. With direct access to the ski lifts, the Black Diamond Lodge is the place to stay if you want to get into the ski culture of Niseko. The theme of the Black Diamond is your typical American-style lodge, billiard table and all.

Checking into the Hilton Niseko!

Voted as Japan’s best ski hotel 4 years in a row, the Hilton Niseko Village is the one best places you can stay in Japan. With four different restaurants and two on-site onsen, one inside that overlooks the beautiful scenery, and one outside, where you can become one with nature.

About Hilton Niseko Village Rooms!

The Hilton features King Size Deluxe rooms to Twin Rooms, with some that feature a breathtaking view of Mount Yotei. If you want to stay in style while you ski, then the Hilton Niseko Village is best place to be.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Hilton Niseko Village
  • Street address: Higashiyama-onsen, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1592
  • Access: 10 minutes by their free Shuttle Bus from JR Niseko Station towards Niseko Village (No reservation needed)