Day Trips from FUKUOKA! If you stay in Fukuoka, then we recommend you visit here! 5 recommended sightseeing spots which are available for day trip from Fukuoka.

Fukuoka is famous with stall hawkers’ food, and also considered as one of the best places to enjoy gourmet such as Hakata Ramen, Motsu steamboat, Mentaiko, etc. However, besides enjoying these delicious food, you can visit sightseeing spots such as shrines in Fukuoka, enjoy shopping at the shopping malls, and lots of fun are waiting for you! However, if you come all the way from overseas, it’s such a waste if you only travel in Fukuoka! You can actually set Fukuoka as the terminal to travel around in the whole Kyushu. Today, we are going to introduce you 5 sightseeing attractions based on Fun! Japan articles. Please check this out! Click on the picture for place you interested and obtain further details from the article!

Nagasaki is a fantastic city with mixture of cultures!

Nagasaki used to be a trading port in the past. There are also many attractions such as the World Heritage of Old Grabber Residence, the lantern festival which you must join if you are SNS fan. Besides, there is a Peace Memorial Park and warship islands which become one of the major tourist attractions nowadays. You can bring back the varieties flavours of Castella as a souvenir. It only takes 2.5 hours to go Nagasaki from Fukuoka by train.

Oita is  "Hot Spring Prefecture" in Japan!

Oita is the place which has the most hot spring in Japan. The famous hot spring such as Yufuin Hot Spring and Beppu Hot Spring are also located at Oita. It’s unique way to enjoy your trip in Japan by “travelling the hot springs" around the hot spring areas. There are some hot springs special for only leg soaking and also some hot spring which available for day trip. It only takes approximately 2.5 hours to travel to Oita from Fukuoka by either train or express bus.

Kumamoto has both the spectacular nature and the famous local character Kumamon!

Kumamoto has a lot of places to enjoy the wonderful nature, such as Mt. Aso and Kumamoto Castle which is well-known as the 3 of the Japan best Castles. The horse sashimi is superb delicious and only can be found in Kumamoto. Furthermore, Kumamoto is very easy to be accessed from Fukuoka with only approximately 2 hours by train and 30 minutes by Bullet train.

Miyazaki has the magnificent view in Takachihokyo. The hot topic in SNS.

Miyazaki has many power spots such as Takachiho Shrine and mysterious scenery spots such as Masui Water Fall. There is also a famous beach resort such as Aojima, which used to be a honeymoon spot for newly-weds. It is a Prefecture that you could enjoy with both friends and family during your trip. It is only approximately 3 hours from Fukuoka by train.

Kagoshima has many attractions, from historic buildings to the world heritage nature spots!

Sakurajima is the most famous tourist attraction in Kagoshima. You only need to take approximately 15 minutes ferry ride to travel to Sakurajima from Kagoshima Port. It is said that the repeated eruptions are the reason for the beautiful scenery in Sakurajima. You could find a lot of delicious local gourmet here such as black cow, black pig, eel, bonito, etc. are gathered together. Since it only takes you approximately 80 minutes to travel to Kagoshima from Fukuoka by bullet train, you can easily plan a day trip from Fukuoka.