Atami Castle: A Japanese Castle with a Great View, Armor and Sword Exhibits, and a Game Corner!

Atami Castle is a castle that was built in the place where the military commander who once ruled this land had wanted to build it, but couldn't at the time. Located in a naturally fortified area about 120 meters above sea level, this castle offers a variety of experiences you can try. This article will introduce the charms of Atami Castle, along with its festivals and events.

Atami Castle, Which Appeared in the movie, "King Kong vs. Godzilla"

Atami Castle, which was built in 1959 as a tourist institute, imitating the architectural style of the Momoyama period (1573-1603), looks like a five-story building on the exterior, but has nine-stories in the interior. The castle is the one that appeared in the movie “King Kong vs. Godzilla”, released in 1962. The castle, where you can see various exhibits and play games, is a space where both adults and children can enjoy themselves. There is also the “Atami Trick Art Museum” that contains many things to trick the eye.

The View from Atami Castle's Panoramic View Tower

Atami Castle is located at the top of the mountain overlooking Nishikigaura, one of the scenic spots of Atami. From the observation deck in the castle tower, at a height of 160 meters above sea level, you can see the city of Atami, which is said to be the Monaco of the Far East, the sea, and the Hakone mountain range. The 360º view from the castle tower is worth seeing.

Experience the Edo Period! Atami Castle's Edo Mystery Picture and Play Picture Exhibition and Edo Experience Corner

The Edo mystery picture / play picture exhibition displays "Hanjie", which associates words with pictures. It is a place where you can experience the forms of entertainment the people of the Edo period enjoyed. In the Edo Experience Corner, you can take photos wearing Feudal Lord, Princess, and town girl costumes. These pictures will be make a good memory of your trip to Atami.

Atami Castle's Samurai Culture Museum, Where You Can See Swords and Armor Up Close

The Samurai Culture Museum displays swords and armor. There is also a corner where you can lift a sword that is protected in a transparent case, so we recommend it for those who want to experience the weight of a real sword. Also on display are armor and harnesses that were worn by horses in the early Edo period. Such a complete set is very rare and has been declared an important cultural object.

Atami Castle Seems Like an Amusement Facility

In addition to the various exhibits, Atami Castle has a game corner where both children and adults can play various games, such as table tennis and video games. Also, there is a jet footbath where you can soothe your tired feet while you look out at the sea. It is a castle that seems like an amusement facility.

Atami Castle Festivals

Atami Castle, a famous place for cherry blossoms, holds the Atami Castle Cherry Blossom Festival from late March to early April every year. Many people visit the festival area, that is lively with karaoke and temporary stores. When the sun goes down, you can see the cherry blossoms lit up at night. The castle ’s tower is also a famous spot for watching fireworks. On the days that the Atami Marine Fireworks Festival is held in July and August, business hours will be extended until 21:00, and the fireworks can be seen from the castle tower.

About Castle

  • Construced: 1959
  • Festival: Atami Castle Cherry Blossom Festival / Every year from late March to early April

Spot Information

  • Spot name:Atami Castle
  • Street Address:1993 Atami, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0033
  • Access:Tokyo Station → [Shinkansen] approx. 40 minutes → Atami Station → [Yu ~ yu ~ bus] approx. 13 minutes → Atami Castle Entrance
  • Wi-Fi:Unavailable
  • Credit cards:No credit cards accepted
  • Open hours: 9: 00-17: 00 (Admission until 16:30)
  • Entrance fee: Adults 1,000 yen, elementary / junior high school students 500 yen, 4-6 years old 350 yen