“Kawazu Nanadaru” in Japan to see Seven Splendid Waterfalls and A Corkscrew Bridge!

“Kawazu Nanadaru” are seven famous waterfalls in Kawazu-cho, Shizuoka. People are amazed by the seven unique, striking falls. There are also a number of nice visiting spots nearby, such as the “Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge” and “Kawazu Nanadaru Onsen”. What about a relaxing trip to the nature-rich Kawazu area?   

“Kawazu Nanadaru”, the Seven Waterfalls

There are more than seven waterfalls in the Kawazu area indeed, while the particular famous seven are grouped together and called “Kawazu Nanadaru”; they are Kamadaru, Ebidaru, Hebidaru, Shokeidaru, Kanidaru, Deaidaru, and Odaru. The Kamadaru is 22m high with an observatory deck at where visitors can go close to the fall and experience the impressive splashes. There is a trail to walk through all seven falls, which take just around an hour to go. Besides waterfalls, there are also many more to see, like a suspension bridge. 

“Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge”, the Corkscrew Driveway

“Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge” is a corkscrew bridge on national route 414. It is 1.1km long, 45m high and with two loops with an 80-m diameter. It was completed to replace a damaged steep conventional road in an earthquake 1978 to provide a safe and smooth pathway in the area. Travellers can park their vehicles at the car park underneath the center of the coiled snake and enjoy its full view. It is becoming increasing popular in recent year.  

Kawazu Nanadaru Hot Spring

“Kawazu Nanadaru Onsen” is a secretive hot spring resort at the upper stream of Kawazu River, Kawazu-cho. It is famous as the setting of the short story “The Dancing Girl of Izu” by the Japanese writer and literature prizes winner Yasunari Kawabata. It is also loved for the Kawazuzakura cherry blossoms from late January to early March. There is a “Kawazu Zakura Festival” in the period that attracts a lot of visitors in every year. Nearby are tremendous nice visiting spots like the loop bridge and the old Amagi tunnel. Come, enjoy the tasteful views, and have your spirit soothed in the hot spring!  

Access to Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls

To get to Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls from Tokyo, take shinkansen at “Tokyo station” (approx. 60 mins) and get to “Atami station”. Change to JR line and get to “Kawazu station” (approx. 1hr 28mins). Then, ride get to “Mizutare” by bus (approx. 35 mins).  

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls
  • Street Address: Nashimoto, Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka
  • Access: Tokyo station 🡪 [Shinkansen] approx. 40 mins 🡪 Atami station 🡪 [JR] 1 hr 28mins🡪 Kawazu station🡪 [Bus] approx. 35 mins 🡪 get off at Mizutare
  • Wi-Fi: not available