A Funny Cute Little Doll! “L.O.L. Surprise!”

A toy that was originally released in the US, this toy has become very popular in many Southeast Asian countries like Hong Kong and Thailand. In Japan, Takara Tomy started selling the toy on July 7, 2018. L.O.L. Surprise! Series 27 Surprise! 

What is“L.O.L. Surprise!”?

The “L.O.L. Surprise” dolls are toys that come in a capsule type packaging. You don’t know what toy you get until you open the capsule. L.O.L. Surprise is not in a transparent capsule like a DVD! It is quite exciting.
Additionally, because there are several dolls, they are all different and have different characteristics.
They also have different hairstyles, clothes, shoes, and accessories that you can swap between the dolls. You can also play with them anytime and anywhere, even in the water! 

July 2019 New Release!

1.L.O.L.Surprise! Make Over Series: Hair Goals

This is a series where you can enjoy arranging your doll’s hair, picking and making hairstyles that are to your own taste. A new type of hair spray style capsule is used to display the dolls, bags, and salon chairs. Additionally, this series also has an extra feature “surprise with water!” which means that the colors of the dolls and their costumes will change when it comes into contact with ice water.

Product information

  • Product name:L.O.L. Surprise! Make Over Series: Hair Goals
  • Price: 3,280 yen(tax not included)

2.L.O.L.Surprise! Make Over Series:Lils

“Make Over Series: Lils” contains either a Lil Doll or a Lil Pet toy! The capsule is in the shape of a hair roller and the inside has a design that is either a bath or a room. You can use it when you play. There is also a new item that comes with the doll. The Magical Mirror is an accessory that you can hold over the lens of your smartphone and create pretty pictures.

Product information

  • Product name:L.O.L. Surprise! Make Over Series: Lils
  • Price: 1,380 yen (tax not included)