See the Elegantly Shaped Buildings at Seisonkaku Villa!

Source:Kanazawa City Tourism Association

Located in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Seisonkaku is a building that has become an important cultural asset of Japan. Seisonkaku is a retreat which was built for the mother of the thirteenth lord, Nariyasu Maeda. In the hall of the historical Seisonkaku, you can see elegant fittings and furnishings. It is a tourist spot full of attractions such as colourfully painted sliding paper doors, ceilings, and a beautiful Japanese garden.

Seisonkaku Villa Kanazawa

Source:Kanazawa City Tourism Association

Seisonkaku in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, is a retreat which was built for Shinryuin, the mother of the 13th lord Nariyasu Maeda. The Seisonkaku is a building that has two styles called "Daimyo Shoinzukuri" and "Sukiyafushoinzukuri". The beautiful and distinctive appearance of Seisonkaku is impressive and the building has become an important cultural asset of the country. The interior of the building is filled with flowers, bird designs and rich colours that create a feminine and elegant atmosphere. The area is full of things to see such as the vividly coloured ultramarine space called “Gunjonoma “, and a carefully maintained Japanese Garden. 

The highlight of Seisonkaku Villa

The highlight of Seisonkaku is a building with a colourful and elegantly made space. In the fixtures, there are colourfully drawn pictures of beautiful plants, birds and more. The “Gunjonoma” is a room with a ceiling painted with ultramarine blue imported from France.

It is a space with extremely vivid colouring, where you can feel the fusion of Japan, China and the West. We recommend that you check out the bottom of the sliding paper doors, walls, ceilings, etc. Moreover, the items inside are also wonderful. You can see historical items such as beautiful kimono and Japanese dolls.

The Usage Guide of Seisonkaku Villa 

The admission fee is 700yen for adults and university students, 300yen for middle/ high school pupils, and 250yen for primary school pupils. The special exhibition is 1,000yen for adults and university students, 400yen for middle/high school pupils, and 300yen for primary school pupils. The opening hours are 9: 00-17: 00 (last entry 16:30). It is closed on Wednesdays (it opens if the Wednesday falls on a public holiday, and closes on the next day instead), and from December 29th to January 2nd.

Access to Seisonkaku Villa Kanazawa

To access Seisonkaku from Tokyo station, take the Hokuriku Bullet Train to Kanazawa station the shuttle bus to “Kenritsu Art Gallery/Seisonkaku” bus stop and from there it is 1 minute on foot. Another option is to take the Hokuriku Tetsudo bus to Dewamachi and from there it takes 2 minutes on foot. One more option is to take the Kanazawa FLAT bus to Kenritsu Museum of Art station and from there it takes 2 minutes on foot.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Seisonkaku Villa 
  • Street Address: 1-2 Kenrokumachi. Kanazawa, Ishikawa. 
  • Access: Take the Kenrokuen shuttle bus to “Kenritsu Museum of Art/Seisonkaku” bus stop and Seisonkaku Villa is 1 minute on foot from the bus stop. 
  • Wi-Fi: Unavailable
  • Language:Only Japanese
  • Ticket: Ticket locket
  • Credit cards:No Credit cards accepted