Have you ever stayed at school!?

“Minamiwakeso” is the lodging facility which is in Misaki city. Surprisingly, it was a school in the past. This compound was built in 1941 and it actually had been the elementary school until 1993.

Although every classroom was renovated for guest’s rooms or recreation rooms, the corridor, windows, blackboard, the big clock, gym and swimming pool which symbolize that this building was the school are remained as those days. About 5000~6000 people visit this facility in a year and they enjoy to stay feeling nostalgia.


Since there are naturally shower rooms, beddings, television and also, the kitchen and refrigerators are equipped, some people stay at this facility for the training camp. People can experience some crafts arts in the recreation rooms and play sports or enjoy barbecue at the ground.

At Saturday, the bakery called “gakkouno-panyasan” (gakkouno means school and panyasan means bakeshop) open in a room. A varieties of bread are sold and they are all made from rice flour.


Local people visit there early in the morning and everybody is looking forward to buying those delicious bread at weekend. If you visit there, the bakers who are kind and open-hearted will tell you about their recommended sightseeing spots!


Misaki town locates in the Northern part of Okayama and is surrounded by many beautiful mountains and nature. You will be surely fascinated by the scenery. Why don’t you come and stay this unique historical lodging facility, “Minamiwakeso”? Let’s see and experience Japanese school culture!!

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