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When you travel to Japan, do you take photos of tourist destinations, gourmet or other trendy things?
Photo is such great invention to restore our memory.
Now, let me introduce the Japanese word of photo: Shashin (写真).

In Japanese, photo is called shashin (写真)
From its kanji, shashin is constructed from to characters, sha means “copy” and shin means “truth”. Literally, shashin means “to copy the truth”. It means to copy the reality as it is or the copied image of reality.

Photo has been used for documentation in our daily life. Its technology from digital cameras to mobile phone evolves every day.

The photo that many of you may have taken is photo for passport you make to go abroad and visit Japan and photo of Id card. In Japanese, it’s called “shoumei shashin” (証明写真). Do you know there are two universal sizes for shoumei shashin: 3 cm x 4 cm and 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm?

Now let’s learn the words in the sentence!

● Shashin wo totte kudasai
「写真を撮ってください 」
● Please take my photo

● Doko de shashin wo genzou dekimasuka?
● Where can I develop my negative?

Thesaurus: These is other word related to shashin:

★To sketch
Fujisan wo shasei shimasu.「富士山を写生します。」(Shashin≒Shasei
To sketch mountain Fuji.

Do you understand the meaning? Use them when you come to Japan!

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