DAME!(ダメ!) Fun! Japan Words vol.21

Now that we’ve reached our 21st edition, I’m sure you have mastered how to make friends in Japan (if not, make sure to subscribe and review our Fun! Japan Word list)
You’re enjoying your time with your Japanese friends and know how to react in a positive manner.
However, what if there is something that you cannot tolerate, like a food that you can’t eat for example?

That is when you want to use this word: Dame(ダメ)

It is a term of general refusal or disfunction. 
It could range from a simple “I can’t” or “not good”, to something more complexed like “destroyed” or “screwed”.

“Are you good at sports?”
“No, DAME” (No, I’m not good)

“Can you eat wasabi?”
“DAME” (No, I can’t)

“Teach me a bad word in Indonesian”
“DAME!” (No I won’t!)

This definitely does come in handy if you have a foolish clown in your gang. 
Try it out!

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