Arigatou(ありがとう) -Fun! Japan Words_vol.6-

Hi friends!

Today’s word is “thank you” – a simple word that can go a long way.  “Arigatou” is pronounced just like it’s spelled… a-ree-ga-toe.  Remember, Japanese is a phonetic language, so you can pronounce the words by breaking words down into syllables!

Someone once told me that the Japanese word “Arigato” sounds like the Portuguese word for “thank you,” which is “obrigado.”  The Portuguese first came to Japan in 1543… but in reality, the Japanese have been saying “thank you” long before the Europeans came!

“Arigato” comes from the phrase “ari-gatashi,” which literally translates to “difficult to have or to exist,” meaning a rare occurrence.  When rare things or miracles occurred, the Japanese would express their gratitude “ari-gatashi” to the heavens.  In time, the word came to be used among people to thank each other.

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