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Hi friends!

In spirit of the World Cup, let’s learn a useful phrase to cheer on the Japan team: GANBARE (がんばれ) NIPPON!!

Like the last lesson’s “yoroshiku,” there’s no true English equivalent.  Similar English phrases might be “Hang in there!” or “You can do it!” or “Go Japan!

Here are some sample situations where you might use the phrase:

1)    At a sporting event... cheer on your team!  “Ganbare Japan!” (Go team!)

2)    At work, when a co-worker is feeling low.  “Ganbare-” (Hang in there, don’t give up)

3)    At a café, when your friend shares a new business idea.  “Ganbare!!” (Good luck!)

Here’s a tidbit: “ganbare” is in the third person (you are encouraging someone other than yourself), but if you’re part of the team or group, you can change it to “ganbarou.”  You can even cheer yourself on, or motivate yourself by saying “Ganbaru!

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