【FUN! Japan】 Top 5 mountain you should see in Japan


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It is getting very hot recently. I would love to recommend green mountain places in Japan in this month
The most famous mountain is always Mt.Fuji! However, if you love to enjoy mountain with nature check out the list.
You might get relax with flowers, water fall and other green nature. Also in Japan, it is allowed to cook on the mountain, you can bring some ingredients for cooking instant ramen, or Onigiri J

Have fun !

Mt. Koya
The Ichinohashi bridge is found in Mt. Koya. The bridge is a traditional entrance to a main hall.


Where: Wakayama Prefecture
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     Takachiho Gorge
On the cliffs of the canyon has been a natural park, the water that flows down from the "Onokoro pond" has become a waterfall of Manai.


Where: Miyazaki Prefecture
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Mt. Gozaisho
Gozaisho Ropeway goes up all the way to the top of Mt. Gozaisho. Way up 1,212 meter-high


Where: on the border of Mie Prefecture & Shiga Prefecture
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Blue pond is the common name for the artificial pond in the platinum Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun, Biei-cho.


Where: Hokkaido
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Kurobe-Kyokoku Gorge
Kurobe Gorge Trolley Train runs through the Kurobe Gorge, deepest V-shaped canyon in Japan


Where: Toyama Prefecture
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