Tsushima: Beautiful Islands At “The Border” Of Japan

With 6852 islands in its territory, Japan has a very distinct culture where each island has its unique community and sceneries to be seen. Aside from the four main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu), many of these small islands have not been talked about, even by Japanese people. Out of these small islands, the ones that are most distant from the central islands still boast a variety of natural gems. Here is your guide the beautiful islands in between Japan and South Korea that has more to offer than you ever thought it would.



Tsushima is an island in the Sea of Japan, only 70 minutes away by a ferry from South Korea. Its history goes all the way back to the prehistoric period, as the island was mentioned in Japan’s second oldest historical literature, Nihon Shoki. Due to its location, it has been one of the most important points of trade from China and Japan.
Now, Tsushima has various tourist spots including Mt. Eboshi, Watatsumi Shrine, Bansho-in Temple, and Miuda Beach.

Iki Island

Nagasaki Tabinet

Located in the Tsushima strait, Iki is another island that has been an important part of Japanese mythology. It has been noted in early historical texts as being one of the first islands that the Shinto deities created. The island is known for breathtaking natural sites such as the Tatsunoshima where the ocean has a brilliant emerald color, as well as the Kojima Shrine which is only accessible at ebb tide when a path appears to the shrine.

Goto Islands


Goto Islands is also one place you’d like to check out if you are in Nagasaki. Unlike the previous two, Goto Islands is a place of worship for many Christians living in Japan who were not allowed to publicly practice their religion during the Edo period. Goto Islands is one of the few places where churches from that era exist, and it is a popular destination for many Japanese Christians. It is also famous for its beautiful landscape as well as their food. In fact, it is one of the biggest surfing spots Japan has.
These three islands are all accessible by either plane or ferry from Nagasaki. If you’re looking for an unique natural experience, you should definitely consider this as your option.

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