[Foreigners in Japan Series] The Japanese language school is a place where you can begin your life in Japan.


The Japanese language school is a place where you can begin your life in Japan. It is a facility for you to learn the necessary basics of Japanese in order to further your study or for employment purposes. You can get the most out of your experience in Japan by learning about and partaking in cultural practices, joining various groups and having fun with the activities they provide and by attending a language school where you will learn the necessary language that is used daily in Japanese society. In addition, since the language schools have a relatively small number of students in each class, students and teachers can communicate more closely and a sensei will pay careful attention to students. In such a warm environment, instead of only acquiring knowledge, students will manage to overcome the daily struggles due to cultural difference and integrate themselves into local lives as easily as they can.

Japanese language school is the starting point for my life in Japan


Today the graduated students will focus on a Japanese language school based in Tokyo. This school is located in the quiet residential area of Nakano-ku, Tokyo. The school is conveniently accessed with it being only 2 stops from Shinjuku Station. The most charming part of the school is that the school will actively provide opportunities for cultural activities and an information exchange with Japanese people. In addition, the school's learning environment is warm and student friendly, and the teachers take care students like all of them are a big family.

I passed a Japanese Language Proficiency Test after I studied at the Japanese language school for about 1 year. As a result of my efforts, I graduated from the language school and I succeeded to get a job. Therefore, it can be said that Japanese language school is a starting point for my life in Japan.

Japanese Language School Life for Intercultural Communication

It has been two years since I first moved to Japan. The experience of studying abroad at a Japanese language school for one year is an unforgettable experience. The Japanese people who I met during the previous information exchange gathering were wonderful, we all became close friends. I also met some very passionate and hearty Japanese grandparents, who let me feel warm and welcome even I am alone in this foreign country. Generally the impression of Tokyo is that it is a big and intimidating city, however the friends I’ve made in Japan were all so friendly and enthusiastic.

Actively communicate with local people and Japanese people


Every Tuesday, there are Japanese volunteer members who came to the school to chat freely with us. I attend every time as long as I have the spare time. During that time, I had become friends with a Japanese lady who has interest in the same hobby with me. Even after I graduated, I kept in touch with her.


Through the Japanese language school, I participated in many local exchange activities and volunteered to run some activities. For example, I just participated Bon Odori in July for a voluntary job at our booth. In addition to communicate with Japanese people, I also learned the frequently used Japanese words in actual conversation with locals.

Warm and prosperous school life


The extracurricular activities language schools are very important to me. The most memorable one would be my participation in a Japanese speech contest. In addition to using the Japanese I learned, I got the chance to cultivate my bravery. During this contest, I tried my best to use what knowledge I had gathered to excel as best I could. Eventually I did not disappoint the judges and succeeded to get my first victory.


School has various extracurricular activities in addition to the Japanese language course, I managed to experience Japanese culture more practically. Furthermore, I could interact with students of different nationalities.

I managed to learn "the useful Japanese"

Schools use original teaching materials and all the textbooks are really life oriented, even secondary schools use intermediate textbooks for students practice. The lectures have a great emphasis on conversation skill training and many group sessions are done in the classroom. The teachers are serious and therefore all the contents for the class are well prepared.


School`s basic information

  • School Name: East West Japanese Language School
  • Establishment: May 1986
  • Established by: School Corporation International Youth Exchange School
  • Capacity: 426 (two-sessions system)
  • School facilities: 12 rooms, library, teachers’ room, public health room, PC room, campus Wi-Fi
  • Address: 36-9, 2-chome, Chu-o, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164 - 0011
  • Access:
    • 8 minutes on foot from Nakano-sakaue Subway Station
    • 12 minutes on foot from JR Higashi Nakano Station
  • Official website: http://www.eastwest.ac.jp