TOP 5 Basic Skincare from drugstores cosmetics, by nozzo, a cosmetic lover!

Japanese love drugstore cosmetics. It is good to buy expensive cosmetics from department stores. However, cosmetics from drugstores are also full of charms and have wonderful features that go far beyond the price!!! This time, I am going to share the basic skincare products of which the ingredients are well checked for the sake of good skin! 

TOP1 naturie Skin Conditioning Gel, 900yen 

(180g/fragrance, coloring, alcohol-free)

The gel contains plenty of moisture and is formulated with coix seed extract which is good for atopy, acne, and spots. The low irritating and moisturizing gel quickly penetrates and moistures the skin once applied. It helps to smoothen the skin, so try to apply after taking a bath or at neck area where wrinkles are easy to form. It is not sticky and is perfect as skincare before makeup. 

TOP2 Curél Intensive Moisture Cream, 2300yen

(40g/fragrance, coloring, alcohol-free)

Curél is the brand developed from about 30 years of dermatological research for the dry sensitive skin. The moisturizing ingredients (the hydrating and moisture-retaining ceramide component & eucalyptus extracts) penetrates deeply into the skin, and then keep using, create a skin that is good, not rough, bright, and baby-like. As it is also formulated with an anti-inflammatory agent, it helps calm allergic skin, etc. It is a cream that you can truly rely on.

TOP3 BIODERMA Hydrabio H2O, 1200yen 

(100mL/no coloring, alcohol, and oil free)

It is a wipe-type cleansing product that can remove dirt thoroughly and at the same time provide deep moisturizing to the skin. Hydrabio is a series especially for the skin with low water retention ability due to change of season or stress, etc. It helps increase water retention ability as well as preventing the moisture loss from the skin surface. A refreshed skin after wiping away those unnecessary from it. This is recommended for the coming season♪

TOP4 EAUDE MUGE Medicated Lotion, 2600yen

(500mL/coloring and surfactant free)

It removes excess dirt and sebum and keeps the skin clean and moisturized. Also, with the formulation of anti-inflammatory ingredients, it helps prevent skin roughness and kill bacteria which cause acne. It is low irritating (even children can use) and can be used for all types of skin. After using several bottles, you will find out that your skin condition has improved, and this will be your “amulet” lotion of which you will feel uneasy without! 

TOP5 pdc LIFTARNA Deep Clear Wash Fizzy Powder, 900yen

(1.0g✕14 packets)

Formulated with carbonic acid and enzymes that are in trend in recent years, this cleansing power can solve troubles such as roughness, dirt and darkened pores. When mixing with water, it foams bubbles and absorbs the sebum, cleaning the pores thoroughly. Furthermore, the carbonic acid promotes blood circulation on the skin surface, and lead to a shiny and silky egg-like skin. As it comes with individual packets, it is convenient for travel too.

Thanks for reading the article! Do you have anything that you like? 

Nozzo’s motto is “instead of using stingily the expensive cosmetics, use plenty of cheap cosmetics then!” If you have to use less than a certain amount of cosmetics, then it is better to use plenty of those which have similar quality as cosmetics from departments to maximize the effects. Somewhat, a well-nourished skin will give its best condition. If you have any question or comment, please feel free to comment♪ Also please tell us your recommended cosmetics!