The Legend of Pop Culture

Hello everyone, Navio here. 

I was looking through my photos in my iPhone when I saw these really cool photos of a 70s, 80s Japanese biker-look, carrying a Japanese Gigantic Crab, err, bag, I suppose (?)


But our focus is not the guy, can you see the shining, glimmering bike on the left side of the photo? 

We’re going to talk about that cool bike!

Yankee bike or Bousouzoku bike


This bike right here, is a part of Japanese culture called the Yankee bike, or 暴走族 (bousouzoku) bike. 

The words bousouzoku itself refers to the Yankee culture. 

The word translates to something like “running-out of control”. 

You must have seen this kind of bike somewhere else in a Japanese, yankee-themed movie, right?


This kind of bike, is usually customized, often illegal, and makes loud noises (which is really annoying, to the other people). 

The images of the Yankee group itself, is rather “negative”, I should say. 

But they really play an important role in the society of Japan, and their iconic style, culture, will always be a part of Japan.

Awesome artwork by artist Fantasista Utamaro


The artist, Fantasista Utamaro, wants to show respect to the Yankee culture, by finishing this awesome artwork, using materials like:
1. Motorcycle (haha, some of you must have thought, “you don’t say?”) 
2. Inkjet
3. Acrylic
4. Sticker
5. Glitter
6. Urethane resin (casting)
He also wrote that through this piece, he focused on one character from a manga called 特攻の拓 (bukkomi no taku). 
I have never read that manga, but from what I found on Google, the bike does look something like this. 

I love the Yankee culture, in a positive way. 
No, I never do violent things!
I really enjoy the way they speak (bad boys vocabularies). 
That’s it.

Do you like the Yankee culture as well?