Where are the Awesome Tourist Spots in Akita?

Where are the Awesome Tourist Spots in Akita?

Akita Prefecture lies along the scenic coast of the Sea of Japan and is located in the stunning Tohoku Region on the island of Honshu (mainland).

The capital city of Akita Prefecture is the city of Akita, but the area is most well-known for its spectacular natural beauty rather than city life. This includes seas and beaches, as well as majestic mountains and a wealth of hot springs. Another key reason that many people travel to Akita is to visit the town of Kakunodate which is famous across Japan for being one of the few surviving samurai districts in the country. 

Must-go Tourist Attractions of Akita


Where are the Awesome Tourist Spots in Akita?

Kakunodate (角館) is one of the jewels in the crown of Akita prefecture and is known across Japan for being one of the best-preserved samurai districts in the country. Unfortunately, the castle that would have stood here fell into disrepair, but you can still see some of the best samurai architecture in Japan. The city is divided into the samurai district and the merchant district and some of the buildings have changed little since the town was founded in 1620.

Senshu Park in Akita

Located in the capital city of Akita Prefecture, Akita, is Senshu Park (千秋公園). The park is famous as it has a model of Akita Castle (the original dated from 733 AD but sadly no longer remains). Inside the replica castle there is a museum that tells some of the history of the building and of wider Akita. This location is also known for its beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring.

Nyuto Onsen

Where are the Awesome Tourist Spots in Akita?

In the east of Akita Prefecture lies the Nyuto Onsen (乳頭温泉郷) which is a hot springs area made up of a variety of different onsen sites. One of the oldest onsen in this area is called Tsuru no yu (鶴の湯) and features hot springs as well as a ryokan or a traditional inn. Tsurunoyu has a history that stretches back 300 years and you can come here to see how people would have lived in the days of old. Nyuto Onsen is also part of the picturesque Towada-Hachimantai National Park (十和田八幡平国立公園).

Shirakami Sanchi

Where are the Awesome Tourist Spots in Akita?

Shirikami Sanchi (白神山地) is a mountain range that sits between the districts of Akita and neighboring Aomori. The center of the area is full of gorgeous virgin beech forest land and this is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can come here for trekking and climbing in some of the most unspoiled terrain in the whole of Japan.

Shopping and Duty Free Spots in Akita


AEON MALL AKITA has the claim to fame of being the largest mall in Akita and you will find a huge range of stores here. Large chains including international and local brands are all in evidence and there is a large supermarket that stocks imported goods. There is also a cinema here and a range of snack food outlets.

Topico Department Store in Akita

Located next to JR Akita Station is the Topico Department Store which is a great choice if you want to pick up some local souvenirs. The department store is spread over three floors and you will find a huge range of local products so if you want to shop for gifts then this is the place to find them. There is also a supermarket here and some restaurants located on the top floor.

Akita Prefectural Goods Plaza

The Akita Prefectural Good Plaza sits in the basement of the famous Atorion Building. Here you will find a wealth of local products such as ceramics. This is a top choice if you want souvenirs or gifts from the region.

Recommended times to visit Akita

Where are the Awesome Tourist Spots in Akita?

Akita Prefecture, and particularly the samurai town of Kakunodate, is known for its cherry blossoms. It is said to be one of the best spots in the Tohoku region in which to view the blossoms, particularly thanks to the mix of weeping cherry trees set against the dramatic backdrop of all the historic buildings here. As such, late April and early May are the best times to visit if you want to catch the flowers in full bloom.

How to Get to Akita 

By Plane

You can get to Akita by flying into Akita Airport which has domestic flights that link to cities like Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Sapporo. There is also a bus service between Akita Airport and Akita Station which is a 40-minute ride and costs around 950 yen for a single ticket.

By Train

Where are the Awesome Tourist Spots in Akita?

There is also the Akita Shinkansen which travels from Tokyo to Akita Station. The trains used for this service are known as Komachi (こまち) and it takes around 4 hours from Tokyo to Akita Station with tickets costing around 18,000 yen. You should note that all tickets need to be reserved for this service. There is also a sleeper train that travels overnight from Ueno Station in Tokyo called the Akebono (あけぼの) Overnight Sleeper or you can also take the Limited Express Sleeper Nihonkai (日本海) from Osaka or Kyoto which travels to Aomori via Akita.

If you are travelling to Akita from Tokyo in the Akita Shinkansen then it makes sense to buy a JR East Rail Pass or a Japan Rail Pass that will give you discounts on the ticket price.

By Bus

The JR Bus Company runs the Dream Akita-Tokyo Liner which travels overnight and takes you between Tokyo station and Akita. This takes almost 10 hours and costs from 8,000 yen. Alternatively, there is also the Tokyo-Akita Flora Liner that runs overnight between Shinjuku and Akita and takes around 9 hours at a cost of 9,700 yen. If you are looking for a daytime bus journey then you can travel from Sendai to Akita in just over 3 hours at 4,300 yen per ticket.

By Boat

You can also use the Shin Nihonkai Ferry (新日本海フェリー) service to travel from Akita to Hokkaido, Otaru, or Tomakomai. In the other direction, you can also travel to Niigata, Tsuruga, and Maizuru. Reservations are recommended, especially at busy periods like Golden Week.