Personality of Leo and Their Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Personality of Leo and Their Compatibility with Other Signs

Are you an idealist? Or perhaps you like to stand out? We'll take a look at the background of Leos, born between July 23 and August 22, their unique traits, and their compatibility with other signs.

The Background of Leos (Horoscopes)

Personality of Leo and Their Compatibility with Other Signs

In Greek mythology, The first beast defeated by the hero Hercules became the lion constellation, Leo. Hercules is a hero in Greek mythology that overcame many trials. He is often depicted wearing a pelt, and that pelt is said to have been taken from Leo after is was defeated.

Characteristics of Leos

Characteristics of Leos

Leo's tend to express themselves with gestures and a loud voice, and tend to stand out, for better or worse. They have a tendency to improve by being praised.

A Lover of Praise

Leos have a strong need to be respected and praised. This is why they are easily won over by compliments and applause. They tend to be realists who sprint ahead full force on the path that they've chosen, are full of pride, and always try to get closer to their goals. They're surprisingly vulnerable on the inside.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Leos are bright, flashy, and passionate! They are dramatic and love to be the center of attention. pushing their passion to the forefront and sweeping up anyone who's nearby as they blast forward, full force. They have a tendency to push their agenda on others, so take caution when dealing with them. They overtake others with their free-spirited nature and force of motion. They are full of confidence and, therefore, have a tendency to have a large number of people who gather around them.

A Tendency for Overspending

Although they tend to be logical about their spending, they don't have a rigid sense how much is okay to spend or not. They love to be spoiled and have a childish personality, therefore they think someone will come to save them. This is why they have a tendency to spend money without considering the consequences that lie ahead. In other words, they tend to use their money frivolously, and should be approached with caution in matters relating to spending.

Compatibility of Leos with Other Signs

Compatibility of Leos with Other Signs

Leos belong to the fire group, and are compatible with the air constellations below.

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