Personality of Taurus and Their Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Personality of Taurus and Their Compatibility with Other Signs

Are you calm? Or easy-going? What is the background of Tauruses, born between April 20th and May 20th, and what unique traits do they have?  Let's also check out how compatible they are with other astrological signs!

The Background of Tauruses (Horoscopes)

Personality of Taurus and Their Compatibility with Other Signs

In Greek mythology, the bull is one of the transformed forms of Zeus. Zeus had fallen in love with Europa, and turned into a bull to approach her, and then married her. The region where Europa and Zeus ran about is now known as "Europe."

Characteristics of Tauruses

Characteristics of Tauruses

Although having patience and perseverance, their attitude towards their "outer" and "inner" self is different.

Inner and Outer Attitude

Tauruses are always seeking a sense of physical and mental stability. They are people who tend to value their family members and properties. They have a strong bond with their family, are realistic, and have good financial sense. With a moral and reliable personality, they are responsible and respond to danger with keenness. When outside they do not often manifest their intent, but at home Tauruses clearly state their thoughts through words and actions.

They Enjoy Acting Independently 

Because of their excellent aesthetic sense and their gourmet taste, many specialize in art or culinary professions. Those around Tauruses can get along with them by adjusting to their pace instead of pressuring them. If you respect their laid-back personality, you can develop a good relationship with them.

Strong Desires for Ownership and Monopolization

Not being flexible, they have the benefit of being unaffected by others. However, this does lead to missed opportunities. Also, they are often prideful when working under others, making it difficult for their superiors to handle them. When angry or dissatisfied at others, they become intense and unsuppressible by others.

Compatibility of Tauruses with Other Signs

Compatibility of Tauruses with Other Signs

Tauruses belong to the earth group, and signs that have a good match are the constellations from the water group below.

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