How Magnificent the Tokushima's Oboke Gorge in Japan is?

How Magnificent the Tokushima's Oboke Gorge in Japan is?

Oboke Gorge is a valley in Tokushima Prefecture of Japan within the Yoshino River​ and is recognized as a natural monument. An area full of nature which can be enjoyed throughout the different seasons of the year. There are also other various activities such as rafting and kayaking through the river rapids, as well as hiking and even a sightseeing pleasure cruise, it is a location full of things to see and do.

About Oboke Gorge in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

How Magnificent the Tokushima's Oboke Gorge in Japan is?

The Oboke Gorge which is located in Tokushima Prefecture of Japan was created by the waters of the strong rapids of the Yoshino River​. It is recognized as a natural monument. Enjoy the views of the valley which has been carved over many years over the 4 different seasons which have many sights to offer. A mostly unexplored reason which has much to offer throughout the year. In this area which is known as the top in Japan for raging rapids due to the difference in elevation you can experience many thrills from various activities such as kayaking.

Things to see at Oboke Gorge

How Magnificent the Tokushima's Oboke Gorge in Japan is?

Famous Locations for Rafting and Kayaking

Oboke Gorge has the fastest rapids in the entirety of Japan and is known around the world by rafting and kayaking enthusiasts as the world-leading spot. How about trying out some thrills here by riding on a rubber boat and going down the rapids?

Beauty of the Oboke Gorge in All Seasons

In the spring in April, you are able to see the cherry blossom, and from March through May you can see the traditional Koi-nobori (carp streamers) which are typically used for the children's day event held in Japan. Once summer hits with the pure green leaves, you can enjoy viewing or participating in the rafting and kayaking among the rapids. 

In autumn you are able to see the beautiful orange colors spread across the valley. The best time to see this is from the middle of November. We also recommend experiencing the boat trip and having some walks during this season. From December through til the end of February, the boat trip includes Japan's traditional Kotatsu which is a heated blanket under a table which you can experience whilst on the boat. Relax and enjoy the boat trip under a warm blanket as you see the fresh layer of pure white snow covering the valley.

Oboke Gorge Boat Trip

How Magnificent the Tokushima's Oboke Gorge in Japan is?

In the Oboke Gorge, the Oboke Pleasure Boat is running. You can see some of the beautiful sights of the Oboke Gorge whilst riding on this boat. The boat has a guide who will tell you details about the different locations and sights you will see whilst on the trip. The boat runs from 9:00 to 17:00 without any holidays throughout the year. The fee is 1,200 yen per adult and 600 yen per child (3 years old until middle-school age). A round trip on the boat lasts around 30 minutes.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Oboke Pleasure Boat
  • Address: 520 Yamashirocho Nishiu, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima 779-5451
  • Access: Tokyo Station→[Shinkansen]Approx 3 hours 20 mins→Okayama Station→[JR]Approx 1 hour 50 minutes→Oboke Station→[Bus]Approx 5 mins→Oboke Gorge
  • Wi-Fi: Unavailable
  • Language: Japanese only
  • Ticket: Ticket Window
  • Credit cards: Not accepted (Usable in some local stores)

How to Get to Oboke Gorge

How Magnificent the Tokushima's Oboke Gorge in Japan is?

To reach the Oboke Gorge from Tokyo, you can ride the Shinkansen from Tokyo station for 3 hours and 20 minutes until Okayama station. From there switch over to the JR Limited Express and ride it until Oboke Station which should take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. From there you can ride the local Shikoku bus for around 5 minutes until you reach the Oboke Gorge.