Let's go to Yoshinogari Historical Park in Saga Prefecture!

Let's go to Yoshinogari Historical Park in Saga Prefecture!

At the Yoshinogari Historical Park in Saga Prefecture, Japan, you can see the ancient ruins called the Yoshinogari Ruins. In the large park, there are many exhibits of restorations and excavated items from the time of the original settlement. You can see the inside of the restored buildings, and feel the ancient history all around you.

Saga Prefecture's Yoshinogari Historical Park

Let's go to Yoshinogari Historical Park in Saga Prefecture!

Yoshinogari Historical Park is a park dedicated to the preservation of the Yoshinogari Ruins, restoring the facilities from the time period, and exhibiting excavations that have been made there. The Yoshinogari Ruins are ruins from the Yayoi Period, which lasted 600 years from the 3th century BC to the 3rd century AD. You can see the ruins of a village that was surrounded by a trench that enclosed the vast 40ha site. In the park, 98 buildings have been restored based on the excavations, and they have reproduced examples of the daily lives and conditions of people at that time. Scenes from the Yayoi Period are spread out around the park, including a 12-meter-high watch tower and a large building that is said to have been where they held rituals.

Highlights of the Yoshinogari Historical Park

Let's go to Yoshinogari Historical Park in Saga Prefecture!

Within the Yoshinogari Historical Park, there are three areas with different themes: the Entrance Zone, the Moat Encircled Village Zone, and the Ancient Field Zone. Don't miss the buildings that have been restored at the park, such as the watchtowers, pit dwellings, and raised-floor buildings. You can actually enter the buildings and experience them. Precious materials excavated from the ruins are also on display. In addition, programs such as Fire making, Earthen Flute making and Stone pendant making, offer the chance to experience the life of the people of the Yayoi Period. How about making some new memories?

Guide to the Yoshinogari Historical Park

Let's go to Yoshinogari Historical Park in Saga Prefecture!

Opening Hours of Yoshinogari Historical Park 

The park is open from 9:00 to 17:00 (1st April to 31st May and 1st September to 31st March), or 9:00 to 18:00 (1st June to 31st August). It is closed on 31st December, and the 3rd Monday of January and the following day.

Entrance Fees

Tickets are 460 yen for adults and free for junior high school students and younger.

Coin Lockers and Luggage Storage

There are coin lockers at the park entrance. Large luggage that does not fit in the coin lockers can be stored at the entrance information booth.

Using the Bus to Get Around the Park

There is a microbus that runs circuits around the park's various stops. We recommend using this free bus that is convenient for getting around the vast park.

How to Get to Yoshinogari Historical Park

To access Yoshinogari Historical Park from within Tokyo, take a flight from Haneda Airport (approximately 1 hour 30 minutes) to Saga Airport. Take a bus from Saga Airport (about 25 minutes) and get off at JR Saga Station. From Saga Station, take the JR toward Tosu and get off at JR Yoshinogari Koen Station (about 12 minutes). From Yoshinogari Koen Station, take the Yoshinogari Community Bus (operated only on weekdays) and get off at Yoshinogari Historical Park bus stop.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Yoshinogari Historical Park (吉野ケ里歴史公園 )
  • Street Address: 843 Tate, Yoshinogari-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Saga
  • Access: Haneda Airport → [Airplane] About 1 hour 30 minutes → Saga Airport → [Bus] (about 25 minutes) → JR Saga Station → [JR] About 12 minutes → JR Yoshinogari Koen Station → [Bus] → Yoshinogari Historical Park
  • Wi-Fi : Available
  • Language: Free voice guide (4 languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Ticket:Ticket window
  • Credit cards: Not accepted