Fukuoka City Museum of Art: Collecting about 16,000 items from Buddhist Art to Contemporary Art

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The Fukuoka City Art Museum is a museum located in Fukuoka City that houses a large number of antique and modern art from Japan and overseas. You can appreciate a variety of art such as paintings, sculptures, and ceramics through collection exhibitions and special exhibitions based on various themes.

About the Fukuoka Art Museum

SS Co., Ltd.Ueda Shinichiro

The Fukuoka City Art Museum is a two-story art museum located in Ohori Park. It collects and preserves a wide collection of about 16,000 items, and exhibits representative works. For example, there are various artworks such as tea utensils including important cultural properties, Buddhist art, works of modern Western painters from Kyushu, and works of world famous painters such as Joan Miro and Salvador Dali. (As of July 2019)

Highlights and Things to do at the Fukuoka City Art Museum

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At Fukuoka City Museum of Art, you can appreciate the elaborate exhibits in the exhibition rooms on each floor. Here, we will introduce the features and highlights of each floor as well as the shops and restaurants in the building.

1st Floor Exhibiting Ancient Art such as Buddha Statues

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On the first floor, you can appreciate exhibits centering on collections of ancient art in exhibition rooms such as the Matsunaga Memorial Room and the Tokoin Buddhist Art Room. The contents of the exhibitions vary depending on the theme, but there are various Japanese arts such as calligraphy and tea utensils, Buddhist art such as Buddhist statues, Southeast Asian art such as dyes and ceramics.

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In particular, the “Tokoin Buddhist Art Room” is a spectacular exhibition room where you can appreciate many statues of Buddha from 360 degrees. There are numerous majestic Buddha statues in this space inspired by a temple, including an important cultural property, the Yakushi Nyorai Statue, and the brave figure of the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

2nd Floor where Modern Art is Displayed

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On the second floor, there are a “modern art rooms” divided into A, B, and C, a “special exhibition room” where special exhibitions are held, and a gallery where citizens present their works.

In the “Modern Art Room,” a number of works following a theme by artists from the 20th century, such as Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, artists related to Kyushu, and contemporary artists from Japan and overseas, are displayed.

Shops and Restaurants

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There are museum shops and cafes/restaurants in the building, so be sure to stop by them. The museum shop on the 1st floor sells original goods with collections as motifs and traditional Fukuoka crafts such as Hakataori, which make great souvenirs.

In addition, the cafe on the 1st floor and the restaurant on the 2nd-floor offer dishes, sweets and drinks, and you can also enjoy creative menus tailored to the contents of the special exhibition. In addition, both stores have large glass windows that allow you to dine while watching the natural scenery of Ohori Park, with its ponds and green trees.

Business Hours and Ticket Prices at the Fukuoka City Art Museum

The regular opening hours of the Fukuoka City Art Museum are from 9:30 to 17:30, but is extended until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays from July to October. In either case, the last entry is 30 minutes before closing. It is closed on Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, the first weekday after that) and the year-end and New Year holidays.

The admission fee for the Fukuoka City Art Museum is 200 yen per adult. A separate fee will be charged for viewing special exhibitions. (As of July 2019)

Access to the Fukuoka City Art Museum

The Fukuoka City Art Museum is conveniently accessible from Hakata Station. There are two ways to get from Hakata Station. First, if you use the train, take the airport line from Hakata Subway Station and you will arrive at the nearest “Ohori Koen” station in about 10 minutes. It is about a 10-minute walk from the station to the Fukuoka City Art Museum.

On the other hand, buses can use multiple routes. The most obvious of these is the Nishitetsu Bus “13”, which you get on from Hakata Bus Terminal No. 2. You will arrive at the nearest “Fukuoka City Museum of Art East” in about 30 minutes. It takes about 3 minutes from the bus stop to get to the Fukuoka City Art Museum.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Fukuoka City Art Museum
  • Street address: 1-6 Oiso Park, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0051
  • Access: Hakata Station → [Fukuoka City Subway] Ohori Koen Station ... about 10 minutes on foot or Hakata Station → [Nishitetsu Bus 13] → Fukuoka City Art Museum East Exit ... about 3 minutes on foot
  • Wi-Fi: Available (Fukuoka City Wi-Fi)
  • Language: English, Chinese, Korean
  • Ticket Purchase: At acceptance
  • Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club International, UnionPay (cafe/restaurant only)