Hi, have you read the article “How to spend time at Narita International Airport ~3 hours edition~”? Lots of ideas to spend your 3 hours which pass just in the blink of an eye!

This time, as a response to our users’ comments like “I have 6 hours before the next transit” or “I have a hotel booking nearby Narita International Airport”, we’ve come up with the “6 hours edition” article!

Let’s us, FUN! JAPAN Team share with you how to enjoy your 6 hours at Narita International Airport before your flight.

No.1: Let’s go outside of Airport! Sightseeing with “Narita Transit & Stay Program”

Have you heard of “Narita Transit & Stay Program” which can be used by anyone who want to sightsee around Narita International Airport? The trip is guided by a volunteer (free of charge) but participants have to pay for their own public transport. Courses such as “Japanese Culture Experience at Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple” which include touring the Mt. Narita Shinshoji-temple and walking along the sando (visiting path to temple), and “Kimono Wearing on the Streets of Edo period” where you can enjoy the old-time city streets at the village in Boso, Chiba prefecture, are available.

Here’s the article about FUN! JAPAN previous trip in Narita!

Shinsho-ji Temple Visit with the Narita Airport Volunteer Guided Tour! 

No.2: For those who want to shop instead of sightseeing! With direct access by bus!

6 hours is indeed sufficient for a trip to the nearby shopping mall! The destination to which our FUN! JAPAN shopping loving ladies headed is AEON MALL NARITA. This mall is a big one, there are MUJI Store, BOOK OFF, supermarkets which Japanese people regularly buy sweets and foods, fashion areas full of trends, and so on.

The nearest station of AEON Mall NARITA is Keisei Narita station · JR Narita. There is a service of Narita Airport international bus (adult: 250 yen children: 130 yen).


  • Spot name: AEON MALL NARITA
  • Address: Wing Tsuchiya 24, Narita-shi, Chiba, 286-0029 Japan
  • Phone: 0476-23-8282
  • Opening Hours:
  • 1F Food department: 8:00 - 23:00
  • 1F Non-food & 2F: 9:00-22:00
  • Tax free counter: 10:00-21:00

By train:

  • From Keisei Narita Station: 10 minutes to AEON MALL NARITA. Train ticket: Adult 210yen, Children 110yen
  • From JR Narita Station: 3 minutes walking to Keisei Narita Station, 10 minutes to AEON MALL NARITA. Train ticket: Adult 210yen, Children 110yen

By shuttle bus:

  • From Narita International Airport Terminal 2: Approx. 10 minutes to AEON MALL NARITA. Bus ticket: Adult 250yen, Children 130yen

No.3: Get yourself refreshed! With shower, nap, massage…

Perhaps there are many who have long flight after the long hours wait… Here, we, FUN! JAPAN Team would like to introduce some spots for refresh before long flight!

All our members have different requirements when we have long hours at the airport. 
For example, the opinions from FUN! JAPAN Team was like :
Indonesian staff → “Cleaning the body is more important than people. Reasonable shower room is very useful!”
Malaysian staff → “A capsule hotel for a nap. Even if it is just 1~2 hours nap, it reduces the fatigue! “
Thai staff → “Massage. Japanese massage is polite and looks like an esthetic salon!”

Narita International Airport Terminal 2, Dayrooms & Showers

  • Place: Satellite 3rd floor (after customs and immigration procedures)
  • Opening time: 7:00~21:30
Photo provided by: Narita International Airport Corporation

Narita International Airport Terminal 1: The dayrooms and showers are available at before and after customs and immigration procedures.
(Traditional Chinese)https://www.narita-airport.jp/ch2/service/svc_37


Photo provided by: Narita International Airport Corporation

Massage chairs are available at various places in the terminals. How I wish I could sit down and take a rest on the day when the team was there for the shooting and non-stop moving around for the whole day!


Photo provided by: Narita International Airport Corporation

For those who would like to experience the massage in Japan which is like a beauty salon, we recommend here!


Extra No.1: Play capsule toy vending machine with your leftover small change

Capsule toy vending machine is also a symbol of Japan’s modern cultures. As it is very popular among the visitors to Japan, lines of vending machines can be found at the airport! At first, it is about using up the small change one have, but…there is a coin exchange machine nearby! And, it seems like many purposely change their notes to coins to just play... Let’s try and see what you can get.

FUN! JAPAN Team ended up “went crazy” in this corner. There are just too many to choose from and for some, it can be a “trouble”.

FUN! JAPAN Team ended up “went crazy” in this corner. There are just too many to choose from and for some, it can be a “trouble”.
Oh, please don't forget about your check-in time!

Extra No.2: A must for the Muslims! Halal certified and vegetarian restaurants and prayer rooms

The halal-certified restaurants in the airport with its halal display.

At the arrival floor at Narita International Airport Terminal 2, right next to the information counter is the prayer room for Muslims. Place for Wudhu is also available.

When the waiting time is 6 hours, depending on the hours, a Muslim may need to perform 2 times of prayers. Of course, they need to eat too. Don't worry. Here at Narita International Airport, one can find halal certified and vegetarian restaurants.

Prayer rooms are available at all terminals, before and after the customs and immigration procedures. Please refer below for maps.

(Traditional Chinese)https://www.narita-airport.jp/ch2/service/svc_79

There are also more articles about shopping after customs and immigration, as well as details of access in Narita International Airport. Please have a read!