For those many of us, a long duration layover can be tiring and boring. But at Narita Airport, you can avoid the tedium by joining the Volunteer Guided Tour at Narita Airport! As such, I registered for one of the free tours to visit the Shinsho-ji Temple in Narita-san.

Narita Airport Volunteer Guided Tour


When you reach Narita Airport, the reception for the Volunteer Guided Tour is located at the Transit & Stay Program area, which is in the central area near the tourist information counter. The counter is open from 9 in the morning, and if you’ve signed up for the program from their website, you will need to be there on time to register. There is also a reception at Narita International Airport Terminal 2.

I talked to a fellow tourist who lived in Malaysia for 10 years and found out that they had been infected by the Malaysian way of speaking, ending his sentences with ‘lah’. Oh no.

Pretty soon the guide showed up and introduced himself. Let’s refer to the guide as Hideaki-san. After meeting up at the counter, Hideaki-san took us to the ticket machine at the train station to get a round-trip ticket to Keisei Narita Station. Jom, let’s go!

About Hideaki-san

We weren’t sure who we would be guiding us to Narita-san, but we were glad to find out our guide was Hideaki-san, who had lived in Malaysia for a few years. His English is very good, above my expectations and we had no problems establishing rapport. He even knows about places in Malaysia!

While we’re on the train, Hideaki-san explained that these tickets can be called ‘lucky’ tickets as anyone with a round trip ticket can ask for discounts at many shops in Narita-san. How can you know if the shop offers a discount? Simply show the ticket and ask! Sometimes there are 10% discounts off souvenirs. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

Tour Itinerary

  • Narita-san Omotesando
  • Shinsho-ji Temple
  • Narita-san Park
  • Lunch at Hikataya Daini Shiten
  • Return to Narita Airport

Narita-san Omotesando

The street that leads to the temple is lively, lined with restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and shops selling street snacks.

Kintoki no Amataro

We first stopped by a sweets shop to have a bite. It was a snack called Oobanyaki which is similar to pancakes with red bean or sweet white bean filling. Both of them were so delicious that I forgot to take a photo… the filling is warm and soft, wrapped in a fluffy pancake! They are only 120 yen each, so grab both flavours at Kintoki no Amataro to find out which is your favourite! I would recommend the white bean paste filling as it is sweeter. Also, you can eat red bean paste in Malaysia every day! Just buy anpan (red bean buns) in the bakery!

Kimono Rental Shop

On Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays, you can rent a kimono to walk around Narita-san. As we were there on Sunday, we didn’t have a chance to try dressing up in traditional Japanese garb. The rental fees are only 800 yen as this service is run by volunteers. You won’t find such a good deal anywhere else! Ah, if only I knew earlier!

Yoneya Wisdom King Garden