Hi! Do you like Japanese snacks?

There are a huge variety of delicious snacks in Japan, ranging from the traditional Japanese snacks to the latest snacks.

Our FUN! JAPAN editors, who know so well about Japan as well as their own countries, have come out with a selection of delicious o-ka-shi! (Note: “o-ka-shi” is snacks in Japanese)

Yes, you hear it right! It is the “O-KA-SHI BOX ~Editors Selected~”!

About O-KA-SHI BOX ~Editors Selected~

Our foreign editors, who are also huge fans of Japan, have made a careful selection of Japanese snacks which they want to eat. We now deliver these delicious Japanese o-ka-shi to your doorstep.

2 types of O-KA-SHI BOX are available: Standard and Premium. The Premium is more luxurious! (Refer for more details in the article)

How many snacks are there in a bag? 14 types in the Standard (2,800yen) and 19 types in the Premium (3,800yen)!

What’s in the O-KA-SHI BOX? (DA-GA-SHI)

Do you know what is DA-GA-SHI?

These are DA-GA-SHI. A traditional Japanese cookies etc, which is very cheap and very popular among the children as a snack.

Look at this incredible DA-GA-SHI!

What’s in the O-KA-SHI BOX? (Party Pack)

We also included BIG-SIZE snacks. These are really good for sharing!

Enjoying a snack party

Let’s have an O-KA-SHI party. The party will get really lively for sure!

Of course, you can enjoy them all by yourself too ♪

What’s in the O-KA-SHI BOX? (Chocolate)

Everyone loves chocolate! Of course, we included it in the BOX too!

You can enjoy all kinds of chocolates ♪

The Premium BOX – More selection of snacks and instant drinks!

Let’s have Japanese drinks together with the o-ka-shi!

Apart from that, there are also more snacks and party packs in the Premium BOX compared to the Standard.

Order it now and enjoy the O-KA-SHI from Japan!


  • The content of the box is subject to change due to reasons such as out-of-stock.
  • FUN! JAPAN, as best we may, provide products that have at least 2 months till sell-by date. The shortest sell-by date is written on the outside of the box.
  • We do not respond to enquiries related to food ingredients.