“Cleansing Research” is a brand that produces facial wash series formulated with AHA (fruit acid) which helps exfoliate and achieve a smoother skin. This time, they are going to introduce 2 new products for “Whip Clear Cleansing” series. 

Products’ features

  • For a refreshed skin ▶Cleansing Research Whip Clear Cleansing ¥1,080(base price¥1,000)/BCL(Photo: left)
  • For a moisturized skin ▶Cleansing Research Whip Clear Cleansing b ¥1,080(base price¥1,000)/BCL(photo: right)

The dense foam adheres closely to the skin and firmly removes makeup and the dirt from skin texture and pores. It helps exfoliate and create refreshed skin with good texture. <3 in 1: makeup removal + facial wash + skin care>  


  • Formulated with fruit acid (for skin care)
  • Formulated with apple extract, grapefruit extract, (all moisturizing ingredients)
  • 100% botanical ingredients
  • No coloring, alcohol free, and no mineral oil 


  • Fresh apple scent 


Take appropriate amount (about 3~5 pushes) and apply to skin. Wash gently, then wash with water.