Japanese made car is very popular around the world. Japanese started to produce car much later than Europe countries but in fact Japan achieved as one of the greatest car manufacturer country. One of the factor of this success is that Japanese made car is designed depending on the characteristic of country or area. For example, many cars which sold in Southeast Asia and India have a larger distance from the ground to the car flooring comparing the cars which sold in Japan, so that the car could run on unpaved roads as well. On the contrary, there are some car’s equipment which is only attached to car which sold in Japan, and we couldn’t find in Southeast Asia. Today, we are going to introduce these types of interesting equipment that we could hardly find in Asia, but it’s common in Japan.

A seat heater which keep you warm in cold winter

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As you know, winter in Japan is very cold compared to Southeast Asian countries. It is very common for Tokyo’s temperature to reach 0 degrees or even sub-zero during midwinter. For such cold winter, you can utilize the seat heater! What you need to do is just switch on the button in order to warm up the seat heater. Previously the seat heater is only equipped in luxury car, but recently the seat heater function is popular and started to be equipped in small car which is below 1 million yen (around RM40k). It might be unimaginable to warm up the seat in Southeast Asia but if you managed to try it you will understand the comfortability of using seat heater function in cold weather.

Fuel Saving Switch

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In Japan, a car buyer is very concern about the fuel consumption in terms of how many kilometers the car can travel with one-liter fuel. Therefore, automotive manufacturers have started to install a fuel saving switch in many cars. When the fuel saving switch is turned on, the power of the engine has limited optimum level, in order to reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel. Of course, the performance of the car doesn’t increase with this function switched on, instead the acceleration is more stable and gentle even you over accelerate during this mode on. If you managed to try this function, definitely the effectiveness of this function will surprise you.

Advanced Safety System

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Recently, the advance safety system which could be used to prevent an accident is very popular in Japan. Previously the safety system is just to prevent an accident between cars, but the function is evolving recently. The safety system will keep monitoring the front side of the car, and once if any human or bicycle is detected the break will be applied automatically.
It is more and more competitive that some manufacturer has designed the advanced safety system. Functions like changing the driving course if the breaking system does not have enough time to avoid an anticipated accident. Don’t you feel want to drive a car which is surely safe from accident? 

Air Cleaner

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Air conditioner is a necessity to make your drive more comfortable. Recently, the air conditioner’s function of Japanese made car is not only to lower down the temperature, but also equipped with function to clean the air just like the function of air cleaner.
Even though when your car right behind a truck, the air which go in your car is cleaned and filtered to a very clean level, and smells disappear in a very short time. This equipment has shown how Japanese concerns on the comfort when driving. 

Red Light Timing Detection System

japan_brand_ car_05

This is a feature which was just invented recently. Do you have experience that the traffic light turns red suddenly even though it is green when you are heading towards it? Recently, the new traffic light system is available to send out the signal of traffic light changing time (in seconds). The equipment of red light detection function will receive the signal and analyze the traffic light changing timing for the driver. Information such as "The traffic light is green now, however it will turn into red when you reach there, is useless even you accelerate now." or "If you travel at ??km/hour (the system analyzed speed), you can pass by the traffic light before it turns into yellow.

Above are just some examples for your reference. There are a lots other convenient and interesting equipment which you couldn’t find at Southeast Asia but is common in Japan. Since some of the new rental cars are also equipped with such feature, why don’t you try it out yourself when you are coming to Japan?  

Do you have any topics you want to know? Tell us in the comment box, we will try to cover it in the near future.