A rare one! 
Want to try?
This buffet was discovered by a friend of mine and I am so happy that all my muslim friends can come eat at this very place.


Welcome to Kappou YAMA (Located in Saitama, Yonohonmachi Station)!
This very restaurant provide Halal Sukiyaki which you know that muslims living in Japan has been waiting for. 
Well the main reason of opening this restaurant is that there is a group of people who notice here in Japan there is a minimum number of Halal Restaurants. 
So they started making one!


The beef here is from Australia. 
Remember for muslims, eat only beef from Australia thats the only meat that has a “HALAL” Label on it.

There are Sukiyaku, Ramen, Desserts, Karage and a lot more.

This is the Ramen :) 

The price is 3000yen (for muslims and student), and 4000yen (for Japanese).
Well is a bit expensive compared to the normal buffet in the normal store, usually it cause 1300yen and you can eat all you want but you can only eat chicken and it has no HALAL sticker on it.

If you eat only Halal Labeled food please go to this restaurant and eat all you want!

So happy to have discovered this restaurant. 
For all muslims in Japan what a happy surprise! :)


※This article was published at April 2015