Another nice sushi restaurant at Ikebukuro

Feeling hungry after your shopping session in Ikebukuro?
Craving fish?
Let’s have some nice sushi!


Nihombashi Sushiden (日本橋寿司田) is a nice sushi restaurant located on the 6th floor of the department store Parco in Ikebukuro.

At lunch time, you can enjoy various sushi menus at a reasonable price: around 1,000 yen for a lunch set.
Just sit at the cozy wood counter and watch the chef cutting fish and making sushi.
It is as fun to watch the making process before you taste it.

I tried the Nirigi lunch set

Here is the “nigiri(握り)” lunch menu.
“Nigiri” sushi is the most common one.
“Nigiri” means shaped in the hand, from the verb “Nigiru(握る)”.

I got myself a big plate of sushi, a miso soup, a small salad and a steamed egg dish called chawanmushi(茶碗蒸し).


Chawanmushi is included in the lunch

Chawanmushi is like a savory egg pudding made with egg and fish broth. 
The pudding is cooked with small pieces of mushrooms, vegetables, herbs and shrimp inside.
You can find it in most sushi restaurants. Usually kids just love it.


My tips to enjoy sushi

There is a sequence when eating sushi.
Usually starts from the white color fish with a lighter taste to the stronger flavor fish.
You can eat sushi with chopsticks or with your hand, the point is to put the soy sauce on the fish but not on the rice.
Then, face the fish side to your tongue, when putting it into your mouth. About the amount of the soy sauce, please try with the least amount first. Do not ruin your sushi with abundant of soy sauce.

Keep the sushi rice at skin temperature, around 35-37°C, is one of the condition for good sushi.
You will know the different by comparing both sushi from the supermarket and the sushi restaurant. Temperature does matter.

I believe that after having nice sushi in this comfortable restaurant, you are ready to continue the rest of busy your day in Tokyo.

Do you want to eat sushi in Japan ?
Which is you favorite sushi ?



※This article was published at January 2015.