As we’ve introduced multiple restaurants on Fun Japan, by now you probably know that Japanese ramen is far more than just soup and noodles. It is almost an “art” or its own, with masters all over the archipelago, and you’d see how each and every bowl boasts its originality.

However, one problem is that many ramen bowls use pork bones and meat, denying Muslims the chance to enjoy this delicacy.

But what if I told you, there was a Halal Ramen? Not only so, but what if it tasted even better than other ramen?

Well, that’s what you can find in Shinjuku, Chinese Noodles Kaijin.



Instead of pork bones, they use chicken stocks and fish bones for their soup and ingredients. You could check the full ingredient list at the table.




If you’ve seen other ramens in the past, you’d realize how clear the soup is. It resembles the color of a pho soup, but once you have a sip with the spoon, you’d be absolutely stunned by the rich flavor blasting inside your mouth. Despite its appearance, the bowl is packed with flavor and aroma from multiple ingredients, creating a complex harmony.

It also comes with a fish ball and a chicken ball, again both of them full of flavor.

It’s definitely going to please any Muslim, especially from South East Asia as the base of the soup is very similar to every other soup you have there, but in a more complex fashion.

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience in Tokyo, I highly recommend you go have the world’s best halal ramen.


※This article was published on March 2016