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Complex rich flavor of rice derived from low polished sake rice

Brewed from sake rice with a 90% polishing ratio, the taste of this sake is heavy and rich with complex layers of flavors of rice. By using a special brewing method, this new-style sake tastes delicious with its great combination of sweetness and sourness at any temperature zone. This sake has a large number of fans in Europe and the United States, and the taste is unique, tasty and different from other common sake. This is particularly recommended for someone who can't be satisfied with ordinary clear-and-dry-type sake.


Sake brewed from sake rice harvested in Niigata. The result of a special technique acquired overseas

The method devised during the brewing guidance in Bali, Indonesia is a local-based brewing method using locally harvested sake rice with a low polishing ratio without temperature control. In Japan, this sake was released in 2015, using sake rice with a 90% polishing ratio harvested in Niigata instead of Indica rice. This sake is attracting attention as a much-talked-about item that defies the stereotypes. The alcohol content is 15% when brewed in autumn/spring season, but it is between 9 to 12% when brewed in winter, and this sake is loved by women and young people very much.

Brewery's commitments

Brewery's commitments Brewery's commitments

Sake rice with a low polishing ratio

Rice with a 90% polishing ratio is not commonly used in sake making. The rich flavor of rice is fully brought out by using low polished sake rice harvested in the home ground of Niigata. While there is a growing trend toward using highly polished rice in recent sake making, this sake brewed from low polished rice is sustainable and eco-friendly, stirring up the current preference for highly polished rice from the view point of expanding the variation of sake. This sake has a unique taste with depth which can't be made from highly polished rice.

Taste changed by seasons

To brew NOPA in Japan, a unique method is used. This method fully utilizes the local climate and environment conforming to nature, and sake is brewed without temperature control. Therefore, the fermentation period becomes longer during the cold months, and shorter in warm weather, allowing seasonal differences in the tastes. The best part of this new-style sake is the variability of taste that allows you discover something new every time you drink it.

Great reputation overseas

NOPA is brewed by a method which was originally developed during manufacturing in Bali, Indonesia. Sake made by the same method was brought to San Francisco, the United States, and gained a great reputation at NOPA, the most popular restaurant in the area. Then, it was decided to manufacture this sake in Japan, and the sake was named NOPA. The picture on the label is the night view from the Twin Peaks in San Francisco. A legendary sake which is no longer manufactured overseas has been reinstated in Japan.

Brewer's recommendations

Brewer's recommendations

An ideal aperitif to stimulate your appetite

Recommended as an aperitif or digestif.
Sweet/sour taste of this sake is good with salad and other side dishes.

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Basic product information

Product name NOPA
Sake rice Sake rice harvested in Niigata
Polish rate 90%
Sake Meter Value -25~-55 Sake Meter Value -25~-55


*Confirm the actual product price when paying as the yen price is converted to the local currency.