• Kotsuzumi Kotenraku
  • Kotsuzumi Kotenraku
  • Kotsuzumi Kotenraku
  • Kotsuzumi Kotenraku

Nishiyama Shuzojo

Kotsuzumi Kotenraku

720ml abt. US$95, (SG$128)

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Top-class daiginjo with elegant aroma

The elegant aroma suggestive of fruits enchants you even before you sip it. This sake fully expresses the delicate dry taste of Yamada Nishiki, the king of sake rice. Without ruining the taste of dishes, this sake brilliantly emphasizes delicate fine Japanese dishes focusing on the natural flavor of ingredients, high-class Chinese cooking, and other fine dining. This is a top-class daiginjo brewed by fully using the expertise of Tanba Toji. Take this occasion to enjoy this excellent sake that has won a Gold prize at the London SAKE Challenge.


Special daiginjo for a special anniversary

The many "anniversaries" in our lives! The rich-flavored daiginjo Kotenraku is brewed from the king of sake rice Yamada Nishiki in order to highlight your special day with even more merriment. The bottle is pure blue, like a boundless sky with no ceiling, accompanied by a black and gold gift box. The gorgeous appearance makes this sake suitable as a gift. The calligraphic works printed on the bottle expresses the changing seasons and the abyss of time. Celebrate your special day with this sake.

Brewery's commitments

Brewery's commitments Brewery's commitments

Brewing process to keep it fresh

Our focus in sake making is freshness. By brewing throughout the year, we maintain the freshness of our products and provide fresh sake to our customers at all times.


All water used in our brewing process is from the well on our property (soft water) that comes from the Takeda River in Tamba. As you can read in the Japanese comic book, Oishinbo, it is said, “It’s amazing how, once you take a sip, you can feel the richness of the taste in your mouth, and once you swallow it, it’s gone. This is indeed a crisp and clear sake.” This precious water is a lifeline of sake making in Tamba.

Unique viewpoint

The sophisticated indigo blue bottle is daring but a little nostalgic with an outstanding sense of presence. With an impressive design which is hard to forget, this sake is recommended as a gift. This original design expresses the world of dreams created by Mr. Hirosuke Watanuki, known as Muhouan. The name, letters and bottle design of Nishiyama Shuzojo's Kotsuzumi are a very unique expression and have gained a great reputation from fans.


We use Ogawa #10 Yeast, which is often used in Eastern Japan, here in Hyogo, Western Japan, where this yeast is not commonly used. Ogawa #10 Yeast is great for making high-class sake and highly valued in Japan. The mild taste of this sake is suitable to have during meals to emphasize the goodness and features of the dish. When good tastes of food and sake are integrated, a synergetic effect occurs and brings out a fantastic taste.

Brewer's recommendations

Brewer's recommendations

Lightly chilled, in a wine glass

This is best served at room temperature or chilled. A Japanese traditional sake cup or wine glass is recommended. This sake goes well with seasonal vegetables, meat dishes, fish dishes and dishes with lots of flavorsome ingredients.

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Basic product information

Product name Kotsuzumi Kotenraku
Sake rice Yamada Nishiki
Polish rate 45%
Sake Meter Value 5.0 Sake Meter Value 5.0



  • London SAKE Challenge Gold prize
  • Monde Selection Grand Gold prize

*Confirm the actual product price when paying as the yen price is converted to the local currency.