As shared in the series with article 1 “What Smart People Are Doing- Enjoy Earning Miles and Rewards as Your New Lifestyle!”  and article 2 “Smart Ways to Attain Japan Airlines (JAL) Mileage ~ about Travelling Discounts~” , you will lose out if you do not join “JMB World Marketplace” to gain mileages while booking hotels and renting vehicles for your leisure or business trip!

But hold on! “JMB World Marketplace” is not only for travelling! You can also gain mileages when purchasing daily necessities and clothes online! “JMB World Marketplace” simply brings you amazing mileage rewards every day. Let’s register, and get started!

Buy Smart and Gain Mileages through “Online Shopping”!

Join “JMB World Marketplace”, the new service by Japan Airlines (JAL) to gain mileages via “online shopping”.

In comparison with a brick-and-mortar store with fixed hours, “online shopping” is available any time and your picks are delivered strict to you. In “JMB World Marketplace” partners’ sites, you can buy everything new and attractive likes fashionable items, household appliances, beauty products, shoes, etc. Choices are overwhelmingly abundant that you have chances to meet new surprising brands. Register to “JMB World Marketplace” and meet with the unlimited product shelves!

Come to “JMB World Marketplace” Online Shopping Sites First when You Have Things to Buy”

“JMB World Marketplace” is partnered with a huge number of famous hot brands, such as “Macy's”, “Sharper Image”, “”, “Harrods”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Classic Football Shirts” and many more- fashion, skin care products, cosmetics, health products, electronic devices, variety good, accessories…simply a wide range covering everything. It is super easy to use, let’s get things started!

1) First, start by searching for your favourite brand or shop in “JMB World Marketplace” site!

2) Type in your JMB member ID and password to login.

3) Click on the icon of your favourite shop in the site of “JMB World Marketplace” site and move to the target site, and you are all set to start your shopping tour!

4) Mileage simply comes to you quickly!

Remember to check the official sites for the calculation of mileage as they are different, according to the sites. Click here to know more!

Utilise the New Service “JMB World Marketplace” for a Better Life!”

JMB World Marketplace, the new service of Japan Airlines (JAL), ensures you to gain mileage easily and quickly while getting all items you want! No complicated registration is needed, and you can start attaining mileage anytime, anywhere!

Let’s get started by an easy member registration, and check for your favourite items in “JMB World Marketplace” before proceeding to other online shopping sites! Leave us comments and contact us at any time for questions!

Cautions: A JMB membership number, password, and a web password are need for using the services of “JMB World Marketplace”. Besides, a valid email address is needed for the registration of JMB membership. Please confirm the details in and register to JAL’s website. Please be mindful that mileage for hotel reservation and rental cars will be added after a week while from online shopping may need as long as 90 days after the usage.  

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